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Meet Unity.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

The world is racing to 100% carbon neutrality by 2050.
We need technology like Unity to get us there.

Unity Platform

Unity: the renewable energy management platform of the future

Unity is the next generation of our industry-leading product suite. With Unity, renewable energy companies can manage the entire lifecycle of a diverse fleet of renewable energy assets from a single, unified platform.

Unity delivers trusted data and AI-powered insights at scale so renewables businesses can unlock their growth, make smarter decisions, and stay agile as the world rapidly transitions to clean energy.

Applications to support the entire asset lifecycle



Securely monitor your renewable assets on-site for reliable & efficient performance.


Central EMS

Centrally optimized controls across multiple BESS and/or hybrid assets to achieve value stacking & minimize risk of revenue loss.

ICON - Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Optimize field service through work order management, personnel scheduling, inventory management and maintenance KPIs.

ICON - PPC and Local EMS

PPC & Local EMS

Locally control & optimize solar, BESS, or hybrid portfolios to ensure compliance with market & grid demands.

ICON - Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Optimize asset availability and yield at scale with sophisticated monitoring, analysis, and intuitive workflows.

ICON - UNITY Asset Oversight

Asset Oversight

Portfolio-level view of assets to provide a comprehensive system of record and enable oversight of operations, service providers, and revenue.


Central SCADA

Scale operations through centralized real-time monitoring and bulk controls across your portfolio.

ICON - UNITY AI Insights

AI Insights

Leverage AI-powered analysis and recommendations for solar, wind, storage, and hybrid assets.

ICON - Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Centralized and automated management of invoices to enable cashflow management, streamlined reporting & accurate financial management.

Meet Unity Asset Performance Management

Power Factors' Unity Asset Performance Management (APM) application is purpose-built to meet the evolving needs of the renewable energy sector. Our cloud- and microservices-based architecture offers a single view of your entire fleet of wind, solar, and BESS assets, ensuring seamless management of multiple sites and operations partners as your generation capacity grows. 

asset performance management-01
Unity User Interface

Unity APM uses our 300+ GW of experience to deliver reliable, real-time insights with minimal latency. Continuous data cleaning and easy updates reduce the need for manual, time-consuming corrections.

AI-powered analytics give you a competitive edge through diagnostic, preventative, and predictive capabilities, with out-of-the-box KPIs and the flexibility to create proprietary algorithms.

Tailored workflows prioritize high-impact activities, while our modular and open architecture integrates seamlessly with ERP, forecast providers, and other third-party applications, ensuring adaptability without the risk of vendor lock-in.

Unity APM tools for growth

Maximize asset performance and revenue with trusted data & AI Insights graphic.
600+ global customers
300+ GW managed assets
40% utility-scale storage market share
Unity UI with wind turbine, solar, and BESS battery storage.

Power Factors introduces the Unity technology platform for renewables

Built to support diverse renewable portfolios and battery energy storage, the Unity platform empowers renewable energy companies to scale faster, make smarter decisions, and stay agile as the global energy landscape transforms.  

See what Unity APM can do for you.

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